6 Tips How To Avoid Bad Breath

6 Causes & 6 Solutions for Bad Breath 

Bad breath is common, so you’re not alone. Studies show that 50 percent of adults have had bad breath, or halitosis, at some point in their lives. 

What Causes Bad Breath? 

There are a number of reasons that could be causing your "dragon breath." While many causes are harmless, it can be a sign of something more serious. 


Bad breath is caused by hundreds of bad-breath-causing bacteria that live in your mouth. Your mouth is a perfect location for these bacteria to grow because you eat and that bacteria feed on the food left in your mouth. That bacteria then produces waste which can lead to a foul-smell. 

Dry Mouth 

If you're mouth is constantly dry it might not be making enough saliva and contributing to your bad breath. Saliva is important because it works to wash out your mouth. Having a dry mouth can be caused by certain medications, salivary gland problems or by simply breathing through your mouth. 

Gum Disease

Persistent bad breath or a constant bad taste in your mouth can be a warning sign of advanced gum disease, which is caused by a cavity-causing bacteria called plaque. 


Garlic, onions, coffee… The list of breath-offending foods is long, and what you eat affects the air you exhale.

Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking stains your teeth, gives you bad breath and puts you at risk for a host of health problems. Tobacco reduces your ability to taste foods and irritates gum tissues. Tobacco users are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Since smoking also affects your sense of smell, smokers may not be aware of how their breath smells. 

Medical Conditions 

 Mouth infections can cause bad breath. However, if your dentist has ruled out other causes and you brush and floss every day, your bad breath could be the result of another problem, such as a sinus condition, gastric reflux, diabetes, liver or kidney disease. In this case, see your healthcare provider. 

How Can I Keep Bad Breath Away? 

Brush and Floss 

Brush twice a day and clean between your teeth daily with floss to get rid of all that bacteria that’s causing your bad breath. 


Over-the-counter mouthwashes can help kill bacteria or neutralize and temporarily mask bad breath. It’s only a temporary solution, however. The longer you wait to brush and floss away food in your mouth, the more likely your breath will offend.

Clean Your Dentures 

If you wear removable dentures, take them out at night, and clean them thoroughly before using them again the next morning. 

Keep That Saliva Flowing 

To get more saliva moving in your mouth, try eating healthy foods that require a lot of chewing, like carrots or apples. You can also try chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free candies.

Quit Smoking

Giving up this dangerous habit is good for your body in many ways. Not only will you have better breath, you’ll have a better quality of life.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Esfandiari 

If you’re concerned about what’s causing your bad breath, make an appointment to see Dr. Esfandiari. Regular checkups allows him to detect any problems such as gum disease or dry mouth. 

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